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Client Testimonial

"I'm thrilled on my partnership with Creation Nonstop.  The assistance I'm recieving from Rory is greatly helping me help my own Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn clients.  Together we will RULE THE WORLD!
(insert sinister laugh here lol)"

Dan Johnson



Latest Designs

Brenda's Hair Studio
Met with Brenda a few times to get a feel for who she was and to get a feel for her studio. The result of those meetings was her header graphic which became the starting point of her web site.
 Dan Johnson Social Media Trainer

Dan Johnson Social Media Trainer

Dan and Creation Nonstop partnered up to create a social media design, networking and marketing power house.  First thing I had to do was to create a page header for Dan to use on his own web site and the various networking sites.  This design has proven to be very useful as Dan also uses it for his newsletter and various print needs.

Dan's Web Site

 4x4Beast Fabrication

4x4Beast Fabrication

I worked with Big John, owner of 4x4Beast Fabrication to come up with a clean simple logo that would translate well to any media and surface. The Beast logo looks as great on his web site as it does cut out of steel.


 Northern California Swimstitute

Northern California Swimstitute

The client wanted a logo that would convey an image of an established school, an institution.  Scott, co-owner of The Northern California Swimstitute wanted the waving flag in the text and I came up with the two fonts as a visual aid to break the one word into two to help "Swim" stand out since that is what they are teaching.