Client Testimonial

"Rory Huber of Creation Nonstop Design & Photography designed and built a web site for us when we first got started. He was both creative and patient while developing the site. His efforts gave us a professional and functional site that served us fully including a catalog and a very functional store.

I am enthusiastic about recommending his services."

Dick Shannon, President

DM Offroad Concepts, Inc.

About Rory & Creation Nonstop

Hello, I’m Rory and I'm here to make your life easier.  I have been on the world wide web since it was conceived and created my first web page in 1996.  With this amount of experience at your disposal you cannot lose.  What I will do for you is exactly what you want plus a bit more.  If I can't do what you want I will not waste your time .  I have networked with various professionals so that together we can achieve your goals.

I worked at various dot com start ups during the boom.  Eventually I settled in at Tower Records where I was the webmaster for their B2B site and lead graphic designer.  As graphic designer I learned to work with a variety of individuals and under some extremely tight deadlines.  I understand how it is and how to get it done for you!

First thing I like to do with my clients is get to know them.  Yeah I know this sounds corny but it is the surefire way to get your design to the finish line ASAP.  To find out your favorite color after I have spent hours on your web site or special graphic would be a shame, shame on me lol!

Please do contact me.  I'm very web friendly and prefer email as our first contact, from there we can see what works best for US!  Lets get together and talk about your future... Contact Page